Dr. Safety Tips (English)

Dr. Safety every day, keeps the annoying calls away!

“This is the biggest deal you are ever going to get offered!” This is the typical line from annoying telemarketing calls that we are all too familiar with.

Are you still getting those calls from time to time? When there’s an incoming unknown call, are you still stare at the screen and don’t know if you should pick up? What if that’s an emergency call? What if that’s an interview call? However, it’s just an irritating telemarketing call. And at that moment, you wish nothing but knowing who’s calling before you pick up!


Here comes the great news! In order to avoid annoying calls to ruin your day, Dr. Safety is now equipped with “Call-blocking”. With the latest Call-blocking, you are now equipped with a spam call filter As long as you turn it on, you are protected from annoying spam calls.

***Go to “features” > Call Blocking > turn ON/OFF spam calls filter***
But how does “Call-blocking” works? Whenever there’s an incoming call, Dr. Safety will automatically start searching its caller identification through the global database of over 700 million numbers. A call dialog will pop-up on your screen to provide you an instant caller information! Block-call can identify caller information from annoying telemarketers to the delivery store you just ordered! Therefore, you can avoid picking up those annoying calls! Isn’t it lovely?

Dr. Safety every day, keeps the annoying calls away!

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